Zumba Mexican Grille

Zumba Mexican Grille

Marvel Apps has partnered with Zumba Grille of Royal Oak to make a simple iPhone app.  We have be regular patrons of Zumba Grille since it opened in 2000.

May 1 2014, Marvel Apps made our first iBeacon and we wanted to share our success with Tim Castaneda of Zumba Grille.  So we partnered with Tim and provide iBeacons and a complimentary iPhone app for him.

iBeacons helpsWith Zumba’s new location across from Emagine Theatre in Downtown Royal Oak, we were able to provide seamless push notifications to the thousands of Zumba loyal fans.

Founded in 2000, Zumba Mexican Grille prides itself on keeping with the tradition of fresh Mexican food perfected over 3 generations in the Castaneda family and bringing a healthy alternative to eating on the go. We prepare our Guacamole and Salsas fresh everyday, several times a day, and we keep a simple yet unique menu.

We also believe in community, helping our neighbors and friends whenever we have the opportunity, and proud to be a Michigan-based business. If you haven’t tried Zumba’s yet, we’d love to have you visit us. If you’re a “regular” and just can’t get enough, we thank you immensely, look forward to welcoming you back every time you come in, and hope you’ll share your experiences with friends. The best compliment we can ever receive is your recommendation.