Trailer Invaders for Oculus Rift

Trailer Invaders Coming 09/2013.

Trailer Invaders is a story about an unlikely hero, Earl, that lives in his trailer home in the middle of the desert. This self addressed trailer park sitting atop a cliff overlooking the desert is the dumping ground of the nearby nuclear plant.

After the world is invaded by UFO extra-teresterials sucking the earth of its energy, our hero is content right where he is. Until, the aliens find out that our hero sits atop this nuclear waste which is like candy to these guys. Our hero, Earl, seemingly feed up with the earth demise taking to long, he says enough is enough and engages these aliens using his home-made spud gun and turret made from his hoarded collection of junk.

We hope you like Trailer Invaders. Trailer Invaders Features:

20+ Levels With Boss 360 Full range of motion for targeting- Thanks to Oculus Rift

3 Special Weapons First Person Shooter Shoot to acquire more ammo or reload special weapons

Connects with iCade 8-Bitty joystick for better experience (or use keyboard)

Relative position assist (Earl inner voice speaks to him to point you in the correct position)-thanks to 5.1 Sounds


BEST BETA tester comment, “…’s like you are playing Randy Quaid last stance in the movie Independence Day but on top of his trailer-home.”