Texas High School Football 2013

Contracted by AG Sports

THS Football 2013:

A new experience comes to your iPhone® and iPad®, with the all new Texas High School Football Game. This revolutionary new app brings forth everything you love about high school football, putting you in the game playing as your favorite team. Win over the community and your division by playing ROAD TO STATE  in the ultimate contest of skill and strategy, while using the all new option to draw your own plays at the line of scrimmage, allowing you to choose the play to be outright State Champion.

Play as your favorite Texas High School Football team, use them to dominate the other teams in district, and play for the state championship title showing you are the best team in the state. ROAD TO STATE uses real stats and standings to give you the most realistic play in high school football.

The new in game play calling feature allows you draw your own plays at the line of scrimmage, making you the ultimate play caller for your team. These plays can be drawn to your specification and added to your play book so you can build up an arsenal of plays. This new feature lets you control the line of scrimmage make your team unstoppable.

The Texas High School Football Game allows you to choose from teams all over the state of Texas, you can choose from any team in Division 1-A through 5-A. This allows to choose and compete as your favorite team making the football experience more enjoyable and entertaining!


Directions for playing the game:

Moving the Player:
To move your player, you use the bottom left of the screen. While using any finger, while thumb is ideal, drag and hold in the direction you wish to go. Dragging toward the top of the screen will allow you to move forward, towards the bottom of the screen will allow you to move backward, and dragging toward either side of the screen will allow you to move that way.

Passing the Ball:
To pass the ball to one of your team mates, you need to utilize the bottom right side of your screen. When you are ready to throw to your receiver, swipe towards the receiver on the bottom right side of the screen.

Kicking the Ball:
To kick the ball on kick off, field goal, and punt, you swipe up on the screen trying to obtain the maximum velocity so your kick can travel further.
Pausing the Game:
To pause the game you click the pause button located at the top center of the game, directly next to the down and yardage distance and your opponents score. When clicking this button you will be able to forfeit the game or go back and resume the game.


Also would like to say a big Thank You to Kade Ashely for coming up with this idea!