Thresher Wing

A Fun, uniquely different 3D Tower Defense Strategy Game.

Multi gesture supported game: 1x finger pans and selects, 2x fingers pinch and zoom and 3x fingers rotate in 3D space. Shake to reset view.

Welcome to Thresher Wing Chapter #1. The Invitation.  Thresher Wing is a free TD game for the iPhone and iPad.  Made with Unity PRO, Thresher Wing is one of the best free defense games on the Apple App Store.

Download Chapter#1 and receive SPECIAL features that will carry over into later Chapters. ACT Now! Some of these offers are FREE once you download Thresher Wing. This OFFER is for Early Adopters ONLY. Chapter #2 will follow within the next month.

The Universe is very old, very tired. Life is crumbling to dust, as the last races of the universe struggle to survive. All intelligent beings vie to control Resource, which has boiled down simply to the very essence Planets are made of.

Planet is being consumed of its energy and are imploding. Parts of the planet are separating from its core and a race of alien creatures are at the heart of it’s demise. Humanoid type beings seemingly protecting their planet are scrambling defense units to fend off these relentless hoard or creatures.

From the looks on how the planet is separating, its difficult to tell who the true enemies are, the creatures or the humanoids tearing it apart to survive.

You are the acting commander of the humanoids trying to piece together a defense plan to protect the planet from this massive invasion, while engaging The Planet Collector… Chapter 1 begins…

As the Commander you have access to the TDS-Tower Delivery System to launch and deliver your towers.  First, you select the HEX to build your tower then a hologram of towers appear above the HEX.  You now have a choice of towers to select from.  Swipe on the torus (donut shaped object) left or right to scroll through the various towers.   Finally slide your tower choice down to deliver your tower on the selected HEX.